Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 12

This was the start of better fitness and better training. Monday I decided to start the week out right with my first run of training. Although it was scheduled for Tuesday I wasn’t wasting a day. I was getting back to the gym and back on my training program. Like all the other weeks, my program called for a 30-45 minute run. I opted for the 30 minutes since I was just getting back into the swing of things. It was a great run! I ran 2.73 miles, which comes out to a 10:58 average pace. That was better than any of the runs I had done the past few weeks before I fell off the wagon. Great way to start the week!

Tuesday I hit the gym again. I got out of work on time so I was able to fit in a 25 minute run before my yoga class. I’m counting this as the second short run of my training program, which is scheduled for Thursday, since Wednesday I was going out for drinks with coworkers and Thursday was Zumba night! Anyways, in that 25 minutes I ran 2.2 miles, which comes out to an 11:20 average pace. Since I did back to back runs I alternated running with walking on an incline. That’s part of the reason why my pace was so different from the day before. I was really happy with that though. And bonus; it was my 200th run!

After my run I went to yoga, which was great. It felt so good to stretch out my muscles after the back to back runs. Plus it felt good to stretch out some of the muscles I used to paddleboard on Sunday. Even though I was doing yoga on the paddleboard, certain muscles had to be engaged to balance, so being able to stretch some of those out was great too.

Wednesday was a rest night because I ended up having to work late, but still made it out for the tail end of happy hour with my coworkers. It was a great way to spend the evening and it was a well deserved break after the three days of exercise before.

SUP yoga2The problem came Thursday. My plan was to go to Zumba, but I was drained after the work day and as much fun as Zumba is, I couldn’t bring myself to go. The only good news is, I still hit my 10,000 steps. A couple of my coworkers and I decided to walk around our facility at lunch so that helped. Then I did laps around the condo to get the last few hundred in to reach 10,000. So even though I skipped my workout, I managed to get my steps in.

Friday was also a no workout day. I had to pick my mom up from the airport after work, so that meant no to time the gym. No big deal though because I had yesterday and today to get some fitness in. Unfortunately, that still didn’t happen. I slept in on Saturday, which was heavenly, so it was too hot for a run outside by the time I was up and then I never made it to the gym. Today I had planned on running too, but I didn’t. I went to paddleboard yoga again, which was fun and a different experience from last time. At least I did some form of physical activity even if it wasn’t running like my training program required. Oh well…next week, right?

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