Dumbo Double Dare Training: Weeks 14 & 15

The gym misses me. My running shoes miss me. Nike+ misses me.

It’s August, the month of the Disneyland Half Marathon and I have not gone for a single run. The last run I did was July 21st during Week 13 of my training program. So sad. What makes matters worse is, even though I know that I need to run or I’m going to die during the race, I still don’t find the motivation to run. Granted, work and life got in the way a bit last week, but during Week 14, I had no excuse. I just didn’t go.

This past week, Week 15, I was occupied with a variety of things. Tuesday, after work, I got a massage because my shoulder is all kinds of messed up, so that caused me to skip the gym. Because of my massage, I was told not to work out on Wednesday and to let my muscles stayed relaxed. Thursday I was working late. Saturday I needed to take my car in for service, and following that, I drove to Lakeland for work. Yesterday I needed to run errands and clean my condo, so I just lost track of time. Life got in the way.

I know with two weeks to go I have to get my butt in gear and log some miles. Honestly, I’m not that worried about the distance. I’ve done that before. I’m worried about the back to back runs as such distances. That I haven’t done and haven’t been training for. My focus for the next two weeks is going to be on running consecutive days to get my legs used to that. I can’t guarantee the distance will be there, but I need to work on running back to back days at any speed or distance. Eek!

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