Wine & Dine Training: Week 1

If you’re referencing the training plan, it’s actually Week 9 of Wine and Dine Training, but since it’s my first week of training for this specific race, I’m referring to it as Week 1.

I wanted to take a couple days off after the Dumbo Double Dare since my legs and knee were tired after that adventure. This meant I didn’t plan on running until Wednesday.

I got up Wednesday morning before work to set out on my 30 minute run. I ended up running 2.59 miles, which comes out to an 11:35 average pace. I was happy with that. After a tough race weekend, getting that run in was great.

Unfortunately, that was the only run of the week. I was working in Orlando for the second half of the week, so I didn’t manage to get a run in. Then this weekend when I was back home I just didn’t do it. I honestly think I needed to relax. I had been going non-stop for days, so I don’t even feel bad about skipping the other two runs this week.

On the bright side, I got my race results from the Dumbo Double Dare, and I did much better than I expected. Of the 9,607 Dumbo participants, I finished 3,339. And of the 6,273 female participants, I finished 1,725. And in my age group I finished 124 out of 435, which is better than even imagined. Big confidence booster going in to this second week of Wine & Dine training!

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.05.41 PM


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