Wine & Dine Training: Week 2

Since I didn’t do too much in the way of fitness, I knew I needed to make up for it this week, so I planned to start with a run on Monday after work. Too bad that never happened. I worked late and I was starving by the time I left so I came home instead. Unfortunately the dinner I had was not very good so I was better off going to the gym.

Going off that note, I started Tuesday with a run before going into the office. I planned on doing a 30 minute run per my training program, but it was cut short. About ten minutes in I saw a flash of lightning. That was my cue to turn around and head home. Not long after I heard thunder. Once I got home there were more flashes of lightning. Oddly enough, it didn’t rain though. Crazy Florida weather! And because of this crazy Florida weather, my 30 minute run was cut down to 20:36 and I only made it 1.81 miles. That comes out to an 11:19 average pace, which is good and I’m happy with.

Right now my average pace on Nike+ is 11:35, so my goal is to keep my pace under that for my short runs. The long runs may go above that pace, but my short runs I should be able to keep under that. I did that on Tuesday and that was my goal for my next run as well. Too bad that next run didn’t happen. I had so many plans for it too. Wednesday I was going to go for my second short run after work, but I ended up going out to dinner with co-workers. My next plan was to go on Friday, but I worked an 11 hour day, so when I left the building at 7pm, I just wanted to come home and eat pizza…so that’s what I did.

Unfortunately, my weekend didn’t get much better. Both Friday night and Saturday night I slept horribly so getting up at 6am for a run never happened. And although I figured I could go to the gym and made it a short run, I didn’t even bother to do that. Hopefully I can kick it into gear next week.


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