What Happened to the Nike+ iPod App?

Last Saturday I purchased the iPhone 6. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. After dropping my mom at the airport I decided to head over to the Tampa International Mall and check to see if they had any iPhones in stock. I had been on the fence about getting a new phone, so the one way I was actually going to get it was if I could buy it in person. I didn’t want to order it. My iPhone 5 worked perfectly and I wasn’t sure I liked how big the new ones were. Everyone in my family is due for an upgrade and both my parents could use new phones, so I figured if I hated the iPhone 6 I could just hand it off to one of them and go back to my iPhone 5 until it died.

Well I was in luck when I got to the Apple Store. They were just restocking from a shipment they got in that morning. That meant I could stand in line and wait to see if they had the phone I wanted. I had nothing better to do, so I waited. There were about 15 people in front of me, but they were quickly weeded out by the fact there were no iPhone 6 Pluses in this shipment.

They got to me and asked which phone I wanted, who my carrier was, and if I had color or size preferences. It was my lucky day because they had an AT&T 64GBG iPhone 6 in gold (would have preferred silver, but as long as it’s white I don’t really care). About 30 minutes later I was set up and out the door…still having to download from iCloud a bit due to slow Wifi, but nevertheless, I successful got the iPhone 6.

overview_heroBut what was the first thing I noticed? My Nike+ iPod app was gone! This app has come standard on all the past iPhone models and I use it every time I run on the treadmill because it syncs with the sensor in my shoe unlike the Nike+ Running app. Not cool.

Apple has added this new app in iOS 8 called Health. I fear this is why my Nike+ iPod app is gone. There is a section in the Health app for Nike Fuel, the special Nike points you earn from being active, but I have yet to figure out how it works. Now I know the Health app had some issues when iOS 8 first came out, but Apple recently release a new update to fix the bugs with the Health app.

I have noticed some changes since the update, but not enough to fully grasp the app. For example, the app shows my walking/running distance like a pedometer. That’s great, except I don’t walk around with my phone all day so it misses steps. That’s why I have a FitBit. I don’t have to worry about keeping my phone on me to track that. My FitBit is always on me, so it’s always tracking.

Circling back to the Nike+ iPod app; that’s pretty much why I want it too. I want to be able to hop on the treadmill, start the app, and run. I loved that app and used it basically every week. Now, if I want to use my shoe sensor, I have to take my Nike+ SportWatch to the gym with me since it will sync with it too. And that’s just annoying. I often forget a hair tie when I pack my gym bag. I’m pretty sure I’ll easily forget my watch as well. I always have my phone on me, which is why this app was perfect.

Now I don’t care who fixes my problem, but someone, please fix it. If Nike wants to add option to link the shoe sensor to their Nike+ Running app, I’ll be happy with that. If Apple wants to app the Nike+ iPod app back or work it into their Health app, I’m cool with that too. And if anyone out there knows I’m doing something wrong and can tell me how to fix this problem, I’ll take that as well. Just someone, give me an app to run with my Nike+ sensor!


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  1. It’s not available on the 6 or 6 plus, but this is a Nike decision and not an Apple decision. They are trying to get people to start using the Nike Running app and there is speculation that it’s because it will be a big part of the Apple watch. My guess is the sensor chip will be discontinued soon since most people run with a phone now instead of an iPod. If you don’t use your sport watch any other time, I would suggest just keeping it in your gym bag and using that.

    1. mlavens says:

      Thanks for the info. Not what I want to hear, but at least it’s the info I was looking for.

  2. Mary says:

    It’s missing from my 5S it just disappeared!! I love this app, my shoes and the sensor

    1. mlavens says:

      I agree! I loved it too. I wish they would bring it back, but Nike seems to be phasing out the spot for the sensors in their shoes, so it seems unlikely.

  3. Lena says:

    Omg yes I just came across this problem, normally I run outside with nike running app and love it but now is getting darker earlier I don’t want to go out by myself in the dark so when kids are in bed I jump on the treadmil, however then app doesn’t know how fast I run. Decided to dig out my sensor and couldn’t connect it to my iPhone 6 plus :-(((
    Nike website says I have to hold it in my HAND whilst running indoors but what if it’s slides out my sweaty palm? That’s a lot of money to waste. Also seems stupid since I have apple watch on- surely that should be able to track my movements!! Grrr

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