Wine & Dine Training: Week 6

Although I was starting to feel better this week, I didn’t sound like it. I’ve been coughing up a lung all week, so that put a damper on working out…specifically running.

unnamedI had planned to run on Wednesday and Friday, but I didn’t end up doing either of those. The only day I ran was today. The training plan had me scheduled for a 12.5 mile run. I only made it six miles because I was having problems breathing. Clearly I’m still not healthy enough to take on the long runs. It was hard to breathe.

The first three miles were great. I ran from my family’s condo to Turtle Beach and enjoyed it. It’s a pretty shady path so I didn’t have to worry about the sun beating down on me, which certainly helped. The three miles back from Turtle Beach were really hard though. I took a lot more walking breaks. I wanted to keep running, and felt like I could keep running, but I was having such a hard time getting air in and out that I really could push myself. I haven’t had my chest hurt like this since I started running. It was not pleasant. The good news was I finished my in 1:09:55 coming out to an 11:39 average pace. Not bad for not being able to breathe.

Aside from running I did make it to yogabeat both Tuesday and Thursday more this week, so I wasn’t a total slacker. I’m just hoping next week will be better and I can start getting all my runs in again.


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