YogaGlo is Offering Classes For Runners

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I was never a big fan of yoga. Recently I’ve gotten a bit more into it. I think this is because I had been forcing myself to go to stretch out from running, and because I was able to find different types of yoga that make it more enjoyable.

Stretching is extremely important for runners and yoga is a great way to stretch all the muscles out while building up strength. It’s a great way for runners to cross train. And now YogaGlo is offering yoga classes designed for runners. YogaGlo is a global community that allows people from around the world to participate in an online yoga experience through HD videos. These classes range from five minutes to 120 minutes and are created for all abilities.

YogaGlo offers an array of classes for runners like the “Post Run Stretch,” a 20-minute class, focuses on all of the main yoga poses that help with flexibility, ultimately improving running capability and decreasing the chance of injury. There’s also “Revitalize and Restore,” a 30-minute class that focuses on the legs, chest and spine.

All runners know the importance of stretching, and with YogaGlo they have another way to keep up a stretching routine, which will ultimately help decrease the chance of injury and improve the overall running strategy.

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The information in this post came from a YogaGlo press release. Please visit for more information.

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