Turn Your Miles (RED) with Nike+

As the weather cools down the miles start adding up. Personally, I always find it easier to run in the fall because the weather is perfect. And while I’m training for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and the Sarasota Music Half, I’m donating my miles to a good cause.

From now until December 8, 2014 Nike+ users can donate their miles to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa as Nike and Bank of America are partnering together to lead a $1 million donation to (RED). It’s so simple to get involved. All you need to do is walk or run and track your exercise using the Nike + app. Bank of America will donate 40 cents to (RED)’s Global Fund for every mile that you run/walk and track on the app. This 40 cents will help purchase two life-saving pills called antiretrovirals (ARVS) which, when taken daily, can prevent an HIV-positive pregnant woman from passing the virus to her unborn baby.

So are you ready to donate? Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be donating your miles in no time!

  1. Go to www.nike.com/onestep4red
  2. Once there, go to the “Pledge Now” button and log-in to your Nike + account
  3. Get out and run!



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