EveryMove: Rewards for Healthy Activities

A few months back I wrote about a cool app I found called Pact, which pays you for healthy activities. Well I recently found another awesome app called EveryMove, which rewards your healthy activities with discounts on products and services. Here’s how it works.

IMG_4160EveryMove uses the health and fitness related apps you’re already using to keep track of how healthy you’re being. For example, I connected FitBit, Nike+ and MyFitnessPal. Once those are connected, EveryMove does the rest of the job by pulling the data from these apps and determining how active you are. For each healthy activity, EveryMove rewards you with points. These points are then collected to receive a prize. There are various prizes ranging from clothing discounts to subscription boxes and donations to charity. You have the option to select which reward you would like to work towards, or you can just let EveryMove pick one. The more active you are the faster you’ll achieve your reward.

You’ll also get bonus points for “very active days.” As you can see from the photo on the left, I received an active day bonus on Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday. But on Sunday I received a very active day bonus. I’m not sure how EveryMove classifies an active day vs. a very active day, but I can tell you my differences. On Tuesday and Thursday I didn’t workout or go to the gym, but I did fit 10,000 steps on my FitBit. On Sunday I went to my OrangeTheory Class so I burned lots of calories and got over 13,000 steps. Clearly a difference.

I’ve been using that app for a month now and I’ve already received two rewards and I’m only 42 points away from my next one. It’s a really easy and fun way to continue to stay active. After all, it’s pulling the data from apps you’re already using, so there’s no extra work. Makes things a lot easier.

Besides the active rewards, EveryMove also partners with employers and insurance companies to benefit you even more! Both my insurance and employer are not part of EveryMove, so I have not been able to try out this feature. If anyone has tried it out, comment below on how you like it or how it works. I’d love to hear all about it!

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