Scheduling Workouts is Not a Walk in the Park

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve found it extremely hard to schedule my workouts lately. Things have gotten really busy at work, which has certainly impacted my workout schedule, but at the same time I just find myself preoccupied with other things. I haven’t been to LA Fitness in over a month now. Granted, I have still worked out, but I’m paying for something that I’m not using at this point.

On Monday I start my training program for the Sarasota Music Half, which means I need to figure out how to start scheduling my workouts and making sure I follow through with them. I have a friend that’s training for her first half right now, and she’s only skipped one run. I don’t have that dedication, but I wish I did.

While trolling my social media channels I came across this Kickstarter campaign for a very interesting planner. It’s called the Passion Planner. The video is very inspiring and it’s a cool concept for a planner. You can download a free trial of the weekly layout here to see if you like it. That’s what I did and I already love it. I think I may have to purchase the actual planner. They’re currently on back order and won’t ship until January, so I have some time to decide.

unnamedNow, who says this planner is going to make me pay anymore attention to my workout schedule than putting it into my phone? Here’s why…I never look at my phone. I remember my important appointments, but I don’t actually look at my calendar on there. I always do better with a paper planner. When I was finishing my thesis for grad school, I physically wrote in my planner the times I was going to sit down and work on my paper. Each morning I would open it and figure out what I needed to go for the day. Obviously because I was the one dictating the times I needed to study, I was flexible about additional events or appointments as they came up.

I think I need to start doing this again. I spend all day at work looking at my computer’s calendar and when I come home, I ignore my phone’s calendar. Who knows what I planned to do and didn’t follow through on. So I’ve decided to go back to the paper and pen route. So far, it has worked!

I came home from my mom’s house and looked at my planner. I saw that I planned to write a blog post tonight, so that’s what I did. I sat down and wrote. I think looking at this daily (especially with fun colors) will hold me more accountable. If it’s written down, I’m more inclined to do it rather than skip it. After all, I wouldn’t skip a meeting at work or a doctor’s appointment. Why should I skip my planned workouts?


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  1. Sallie says:

    Still kills me that I missed that one! Please let me know about the planner and how you like it. I’m intrigued.

  2. Writing it down definitely helps. In fact, I have a paper calendar on the side of the fridge that just has my workouts for the day listed on it. It’s much more difficult to skip it if it’s staring you in the face!

    1. mlavens says:

      That’s a great idea! I love that you put it on the fridge. Hard to avoid looking at the fridge everyday so you’re sure to see it.

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