Sarasota Music Half Training: Week 1

I had one week off between training for the Wine and Dine Half and training for the Sarasota Music Half. As I will now be running my fourth half marathon I decided to try a different training program…and not just because this race is outside of Disney so a training program hasn’t been provided for me.

When I trained for the Sharks Tooth 10K, I used the Nike+ Running app’s Coach feature. What was cool about it was it would pop up with daily reminders of what I was supposed to do. I figured I would try this feature again for the half marathon. I decided to do the beginner training program because it has a lot more runs than the runDisney program does, and I didn’t feel like I could handle the intermediate yet. Overall, the Nike+ beginner program is a step up the runDisney one in my opinion.

On Monday I was scheduled for a three mile run. Since I have been going to OrangeTheory and really enjoying it, I decided that on the three mile run days, I would go to a OrangeTheory class. I tend to run 2.3 miles during the class, so I figure that’s close enough for my three mile days. Well when I went to OrangeTheory on Monday I knew I was scheduled for a three mile run, so I tried to push myself a bit more. I ended up going 2.44 miles for the 25 minutes that we were on the treadmills. This meant I averaged a 10:24 pace. Not a bad way to start the week.

On Tuesday I was scheduled for a four mile run, but ended up doing another OrangeTheory class because I knew I would be traveling over the weekend and missing the OrangeTheory classes then. I wanted to get a couple classes in this week, so this was the way to do it. At this class I ran 2.36 miles in the 25 minute or so period, which comes out to a 10:25 average pace. Pretty similar to the day before. I was hoping to go a bit farther, but we did a lot of incline work, so I couldn’t get myself to go any faster.

Wednesday was supposed to be a cross training day, but I ended up taking it as a rest day. I planned to do my cross training at yogabeat on Thursday, but I had a hard time sleeping so I opted for an extra hour in bed instead of going to the gym. Besides, I figure the weight training at OrangeTheory had to count for some cross training.

On Friday I was flying to Chicago for work, but figured I should fit a run in before I left. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was behind on packing and needed to run to the bank and post office before I went to the airport, so I never made it out for a run. I figured I had time on Saturday morning to go for a run. Too bad I didn’t do it then either. The good news was, because I walked in the Magnificent Mile Lights Parade on Saturday, I had over 20,000 steps on my Fitbit. I think that makes up for not running.

Today I also figured I could fit a run in during the morning before I left for the airport, but that didn’t happen either. And now I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight and I won’t get home until 10pm tonight, a run is not going to happen. This has not been the best way to start out my training, but I should know by now that when I travel I don’t have the time to get a run in. Sure, I could have gone this morning, but it was pretty much my only time in Chicago where I didn’t have to work, so I wanted to go shopping. I’m not going to take time away from experiencing places just to run. Life’s too short.

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