Turkey Trotting

It’s that time of the year again. The day that we give thanks, spending time with family, eat lots of food, and…run a race. This morning I did the Sarasota Turkey Trot again. Just one of many Turkey Trots around the country. It’s a great way to start out Thanksgiving, and then you don’t have to feel as guilty about the food you eat all day long.

b266ad_88742359addc439d8e3d7aec0053ad9c.jpg_srz_388_361_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSince I did the Turkey Trot last year and I did the Ringling Bridge Run early this year, I was very familiar with the race course. This is the race that’s basically all hills. You run over the Ringling Bridge then turn around and run back over the Ringling Bridge. Despite the hills, I actually finished with a decent time. I don’t have my official race time at the moment, but the clock time was just over 34 minutes.

I couldn’t get my watch to connect to GPS, so I ended up switch to my phone, but that was after almost a quarter of a mile. The 2.93 miles that my phone showed were done in 30:17, so I’m gonna guess it was about another two minutes for the actual time. I’ll certainly take a 32 minute 5K any day.

Funny enough, this is also the first 5K race I’ve done this year. Typically my year is filled with 5Ks and only one long race. Well not this year. This year I’ve been doing a lot of longer races and not too many short ones. I’m doing another 5K in December when I run the Frosty 5K. Honestly, I’m kind of glad to be closing out my year with fun 5Ks instead of long races. Gets me back into the joy of running and helps my mental game. It’s another good way for me to prepare for the Sarasota Music Half in February.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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