Sarasota Music Half Training: Week 2

Despite a sleepless night on Sunday leading into Monday, I was determined to get my first run of the week in. Around 7:30pm I decided to go for a run around my neighborhood. Since I moved into my new house I hadn’t gone for a run through my neighborhood, so I figured it was time to do so. It was certainly an adventure. The roads curve and twist all over the place and, of course, it’s dark outside so I kept having to look at my phone’s GPS to figure out where I was and where I was going. In addition, it was hot and humid making it really hard to run at a decent pace. I only ran 2.13 miles as opposed to the scheduled 3 miles. Since it was hot, I averaged an 11:57 pace. Not my best and not what I wanted to do for a short run, but it is what it is.

I didn’t end up running on Tuesday. I was scheduled for a 5 mile run, but it was really stormy and although I could have gone to the gym, I just skipped it. I skipped Wednesday’s cross training workout too. Oops!

On Thursday I made up for it though. Thursday was a rest day, but I did the Sarasota Turkey Trot. Although it wasn’t 5 miles like I skipped earlier in the week, it did make up for it a bit. And above all, it felt great and I got my overall average pace on Nike+ down to 11:36. I’ll take it!

Friday I kept the ball rolling and went to Orange Theory. It was an endurance day, so I didn’t run as fast at points because I was trying to stay in it for the long hull. So when we were supposed to do a push pace, I did, but stayed at the lower end of my push pace. I ended up running 2.24 miles in the 25 minutes or so that I was on the treadmill. That comes out to an 11:21 average pace.

That did it for the week though. I didn’t get the five mile run in on Saturday and I didn’t even make up for it today. Next week I’m traveling again and I’ve brought my running gear, but I know that I’m never good about sticking to a routine on the road. Fingers crossed I get my workouts in!


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