Training For Me

As I’m training for my fifth half marathon, I discovered how many different training programs are out there and it’s made me wonder…is one better for me than the others?

The first four half marathons were all runDisney races, so I used the training programs provided. Now, I say I used them loosely. I did not do every run and I did not follow the run/walk strategy. I followed the distance.

Now that I’m training for the Sarasota Music Half, I’m trying the Nike+ Coach training program found on the Nike+ Running App. I have not been stick with it as much as I should be and I think it’s because there are four-five runs per week compared to the three I was doing before.

Maybe these programs aren’t right for me? Or maybe I’m just lazy? I’ve seen my friends train for half marathons and they all seem to stick with their programs or follow the program’s advice. I don’t. And again, maybe that’s just because I haven’t found one that works for me.

What I liked about the Disney program is that it only required three runs I week. Most of the time, I could make that happen. What I like about Nike is that it keeps the momentum going and makes me take cross training into consideration. There has to be another program out there that does both of those things that might be a better fit for me.

I’m going to continue using the Nike+ Coach training program for the Sarasota Music Half, but when I gear up for the next race, I think I’m going to look for something else. Any suggestions? What works for you?


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