Sarasota Music Half Training: Weeks 5 & 6

After a decent week 4, things went downhill. I blame a lot of it on my Christmas party because I spent the week preparing for that instead of running. I had a plan for the week, but it didn’t happen. The only run I got in was the Frosty 5K. At least I got one run in, right?

I was worried this week wouldn’t be any better. After all, it was the week of Christmas and I was going home to freezing cold Michigan. It has been almost a year since I ran in cold temperatures, so I already knew that wasn’t going to make for a good week.

I wanted to make sure I started the week off on a good foot so I signed up for some Orange Theory classes. Too bad I canceled them. I ended up having  cookie party to go to on Monday night, and was exhausted Tuesday. Wednesday wasn’t much better since I had a late night before. I just couldn’t get it together.

The only workout that happened was yesterday when I went to the OrangeTheory by my parents house. It was a good workout but focused a bit more on strength than cardio so that didn’t help the fact that I haven’t been running.

This upcoming week is also going to be hard to get my workouts in, but I’m hoping after that I can get back on track. Just over a month until the race, so I’ve got to get it together now.

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