2014 Recap

Another year has come and gone. Here we are…the last day of 2014. I can’t believe it. This year went by so fast. It hardly feels like I’ve lived in Florida for a year and that I’ve been at my new job for almost a year. I have no idea where this year went.

This year was actually a great running year. First off, I accomplished my goal for 2014 in August, which made me feel great! Then I blew it out of the water for the remaining months. So let’s take a look back at the year, starting with my long races – the half marathons.

Half Marathon Recap:
1911904_10201586189037065_249143265_nThis year I ran not one, not two, but three half marathons! I never thought I’d do three half marathons in one year when I started running, but here am I, two years later with a lot of half marathon medals in hand. And it’s not about to stop. I’m already signed up for my next half in February.

My first half of the year was in February. I ran the Princess Half Marathon with my best friend. I had a goal time in mind for this race and didn’t reach it, but I was OK with that. I’m still OK with that. We got so many pictures and we had so much fun, that I couldn’t be upset with the time. After all, it’s a Disney race and no one runs those for time.

The second half marathon took place in August. It was the Disneyland Half; the second part of the Dumbo Double Dare. Now, because I had run a 10K the day before, I was not in the best shape for this half. My mom was doing it along with me and I’ve told her, I don’t think I would have finished the race if she hadn’t been there. I would have pushed too hard early on with my sore knee and I don’t think it would have ended well. It was hard enough walking the last couple of miles. But I did it, and I received my Dumbo Double Dare medal and my Coast to Coast Challenge medal. So much pain, but so much excitement!

10406398_10203057077568359_3177603099363121239_nThe final half marathon was the Wine and Dine Half Marathon that I ran with my boyfriend. It was his first half and because of that, I ran it too. Despite the rainy weather, we managed to have fun. We stopped for a lot of character pictures, but had to go slow. The ground was slippery, we were cold and wet, and again, my knee started acting up. Biofreeze got me through it. Honestly, if I hadn’t been running the race with him, I don’t think I would have done it. The weather was gross. This experience has lead me to the decision that I will not be running a race in the rain again unless I have a challenge medal on the line like my mom did. Since she did the Disneyland Half with me, she was getting her Coast to Coast with this race. Her and her friend ran the wet and soggy race too.

One thing that happened with all of these races was that I increased my time on each one. Normally I’d be upset about that because I should be getting faster we each race as I’m training. This time around, I understand why things were slow. At Princess we took tons of pictures; at Disneyland I was injured and pushed through the pain; at Wine and Dine the weather was awful. It only makes sense that I couldn’t focus on time improvement. Hopefully I can focus on time when I do the Sarasota Music Half in just a few weeks.

10-Miler Summary:
I started my year off with a long race: The Hot Chocolate 10-Miler in Central Park. I used this race as a way to check my pacing before the Princess Half Marathon. I did not dress appropriately for the chilly New York weather because I was sucked in by the weatherman telling me it was going to be a nice day. Granted, it was a nice day, but at 8am when the race started, it was still cold. Because it was cold, I ran…and just kept running. I only took a couple of walking breaks because I felt good and just wanted to keep my body temperature up. I finished the race in 1:46:21 making it a new personal best for the 10-Miler. Aside from that, it was a big confidence booster before heading to the Princess Half Marathon the next month.

10K Summary:
This year also marked the year of my first 10K race. Obviously I had run a 10K distance before since I had been training for half marathons, but this was the first year that I did a race. Actually I did two. The first was the Sharks Tooth 10K. It was a good race. The second half was beautiful and along the water. It was a really nice day too. And because it was my first race, I had a personal best with a time of 1:11:11. Although, my official race results do not reflect that…my mom and I accidentally switched bibs. Oops! other than that, it was a good race.

My second 10K was thee Disneyland 10K. It was the first part of the Dumbo Double Dare. I had planned to take this race at a slow pace since I knew I’d be doing the half the next day. I didn’t go as slow as I would have liked when I realized that I finished in 1:15:08, but can’t be upset about it. It was a good race. It was also fun because the majority of the race was in the Disneyland parks. The only problem with that was the character lines were really long and that meant I didn’t stop for pictures. I kind of regret it now. Oh well…guess I’ll need to go back at some point!

4-Miler Summary:
Is a four mile race really a thing? I guess so since I’ve done one, but I don’t exactly know how to classify it. In January I did the Ringling Bridge Run, which is a four mile run over the Ringling Bridge and back. It was a chilly day in Florida and I let my mom get me all worked up about how cold it was. Now remember, I had just come from New York City where it was a lot colder and a week before I ran the Hot Chocolate 10-Miler where I was under dressed. Well I listened to my mom and I was hot. It took no time at all for me to want to peel all my clothes off. Despite how hot I was, I managed to finish in 41:50, a personal best. It was also exciting because two years before that I was running a 5K in about that time. So awesome that I’ve improved that much!

5K Summary:
Surprisingly I didn’t run a 5K until November of this year when I did the Sarasota Turkey Trot. I had done this race last year, and it followed a similar path as the Ringling Bridge Run, so I was familiar with the path…and that bridge. After three races on the bridge, I have realized how tough it is to go up it. And after the first time you get over it, you just have to turn around and do it again. Despite how tricky it is, it’s very good for training. I also think I have to go over that bridge during the Sarasota Music Half. That will be a little trickier.

The second 5K that I did was the Jingle Bell 5K. The best part of this race was that I got a new personal record! My previous 5K PR was 31:07 and that was back in 2012 when I started running. At the Jingle Bell 5K, I ended up shaving about 30-seconds off that time and ended with a time of 30:38. It was very exciting!

And just a couple weeks ago I ran my final race of the year; the Frosty 5K. Funny that my last three races of the year were the shortest distance. Never the less, it was a good race. I was happy with my time and even happier with my medal. It was a good way to close 2014.

So those are the races and how they went. Now here are the stats from this year!

Running Stats:
Fastest 5K: 30:38
Fastest 10K: 1:11:11
Fastest 10-Miler: 1:46:21
Fastest Half Marathon: 2:34:43
Furthest Run: 13.6 miles
Average Pace: 11:35 per mile
Total Runs Since 1/1/2014: 84
Total Distance Since 1/1/2014: 297.21 miles

There are a few changes up there from last year. And the good news was I ran more times and more miles that last year. That’s a success. Now on to 2015 and more miles! Happy New Year Everyone!


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