Now This is Cool…The Interchangable Gemini Collection

BaliniSports is introducing this very cool and unique product on Kickstarter. It’s called, the Interchangeable Gemini Collection and you can wear it in dozens of ways.


This product is designed to keep you from having to bring multiple outfits for workouts. Maybe you’re like me and you hit the treadmill before going to a yoga class and you have a hard time deciding what to wear because you’re going from a hot and sweaty workout to a less intense, cool down. Gemini Tanks are hoping to alleviate that struggle. The lightweight (1.2oz), breathable and 4-way stretch tanks clip onto sports bras. There are a variety of sports bras to choose from too, to create even more looks!


In addition to the Gemini tanks, BaliniSports also has leggings and shorts to allow you to create a variety of outfits when hitting the gym. The Kickstarter campaign ends on January 30th, so if you’re interested donate today. Based on your donation you can receive some of these awesome products.


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