Sarasota Music Half Training: Week 9 & 10

Week 9 wasn’t much better. The only workout I got in was on Wednesday when I went to Orange Theory before work. Things had been super hectic with my dog’s surgery and I the time got away from me. It was putting me in a panic though because I was only three weeks away from my half marathon and I hadn’t run more than 2-3 miles while training. Not good.

Even though I wanted to make Week 10 better, my first workout didn’t come until Wednesday. I started off my day by going to Orange Theory. Apparently Wednesday mornings are becoming my regular OTF days. I went again on Thursday night and it was an awesome workout. I felt great the whole time. And what I really liked was that we had a true treadmill block again. Lately we’ve been doing run-to-row blocks meaning we spent some time on the treadmill, then some time on the rower, then back to the treadmill and so on. We spent plenty of time on the rower, but it was separate from the treadmill. I liked being able to focus on just running. That clearly showed as well because I ran 1.95 miles during my time on the treadmill and that’s a step up from what I was doing before during an Orange Theory class.

On Friday my muscles were sore and needed a break, so there was no fitness for me. I had hoped to get a long run in today but that didn’t end up happening. Plus, my leg muscles are still really sore.

Aside from the actual workouts, my coworkers and I decided to get a bit more active during the day. We’ve started taking a lap around our floor twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. And since we work in such a large building our lap is a good distance. I tracked it with my FitBit one time and it’s .32 miles. Certainly helps us hit our 10,000 steps per day.

That does it for Week 10. Tomorrow is my birthday so I will not be running or working out. I will be celebrating! On Monday I can work off all the cake and ice cream.

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