Sarasota Music Half Training: Week 11

Now I’m freaking out. The half marathon is next week and I am not prepared. I have totally slacked for this entire training process. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. This sounded like such a fun opportunity and I’ve basically ruined it because I haven’t trained. How am I expected to get through race day when I haven’t been running? Such a mistake on my part.

I didn’t go for a single run this week and now I’m in New York where another snowstorm is supposed to hit overnight. I can tell you I won’t be running up here.

Wish me luck for my half next Sunday. I’m gonna need it.

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  1. You may want to email the race organization and see if it’s possible to defer to next year. Otherwise, you could run/walk it. You can certainly try to run the entire thing, but having not really run much at all, that seems like a huge risk for injury. It would probably still be fun with a run/walk method and then you can just enjoy it!

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