Cleanse Your Life of Toxic Habits in 2015

Mannatech, Inc., a global provider of health and wellness products, is challenging people to cleanse their lives of toxic habits in 2015.  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we are our own worst enemy when it comes to changing unhealthy lifestyle habits.

This is something I know I need to do, which is why I decided to start cooking more in 2015. I figured it would help with some of my bad habits. I know other people have habits they want to kick too, so when Mannatech shared this information with me, I wanted to share it with all of you.

According to a recent report in NIH MedlinePLUS,

“Habits can also develop by triggering the brain’s “reward” centers, setting up potentially harmful routines, such as overeating, smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, gambling and even compulsive use of computers and social media.” 

With this in mind, it can be daunting to take on New Year’s Resolutions such as starting a new diet or exercise routine. However, for those individuals truly seeking a healthier lifestyle, there are some steps that can be taken to kick-start a new set of habits that can set the tone for years to come and make for a healthier and happier life.

“Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness and assessing which toxic habits to cleanse from day-to-day activities is a great step toward personal renewal,” said Dr. Robert Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer at Mannatech. “But it’s important to start with the right frame of mind and understand that starting anew takes time. As you start your renewal for 2015, remember to take it at your own pace and don’t punish yourself with difficult routines that cannot be sustained.”

Tips for Renewal

Mannatech’s health and wellness experts have provided a few tips to help you get your 2015 renewal off to a strong and healthy start.

  1. Eat things that don’t last.Clean out your pantry of processed foods. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and a moderate amount of lean meat and fish to your diet, while removing processed or fast foods, is a smart and simple first step.
  1. Exercise.You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a gym membership. A recent study showed that even three 10 minute increments a day of moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk, may make a big difference in overall health.
  1. Bite down on the sweet tooth.Replacing candy with dried fruit that contains natural sugars, fiber and other nutrients is a better choice and will help satisfy the craving for sweets. It has also been demonstrated that, compared with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, with 70 percent cocoa content, can help curb the urges for sweet snacks.
  2. Kick the soda can to the curb.This should be one of the first habits cleansed from your life, considering that one soda packs about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Replace sodas with unsweetened tea, carbonated water or just plain water! Diet sodas are not a recommended alternative, as artificial sweeteners  come with their own set of troubling health issues.
  1. Rest your way to wellness. Insomnia has been linked to a host of health issues including higher risk of heart problems, psychological distress including anger and depression, as well as loss of productivity at work. If you have sleep problems, try to reset your sleep habits by setting a consistent bedtime, eliminating caffeine, alcohol and distractions such as smartphones.
  1. More meals, not fewer.Skipping meals may lead to binge eating and make it difficult to set new habits. Instead, schedule and stick to a routine of healthy meals that consist of non-processed foods and drinks.

*     *      *      *     *

The above article comes from a Mannatech, Inc. press release. For more information on Mannatech and their products, please visit their website: 


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