Disney’s Enchanted 10K

Yesterday I took part in the Enchanted 10K, part of the Princess Half Marathon weekend. I was excited to do a different race and 6.2 miles seemed like a piece of cake after the Sarasota Music Half a couple weeks ago. And even more exciting, I was placed in corral A! Who knew I’d gotten so fast?

Speaking of fast, that’s how the race went. When I looked at the race map and saw the first three miles were on the road, I was a little worried. I always look for the Disney entertainment and wasn’t sure how much there would be on the roads during the 10K compared to the half marathons I’ve done. Surprisingly the first three miles went by really fast. I couldn’t believe I was half way there when I hit the 5K mark.

I continued to feel good as I entered Epcot. I never really got into the mental battle I normally do during a race. I did take a break just past four miles for a photo op with Donald, but that was it. I considered stopping for a picture with Goofy too but I was so close to the finish line at that point, I didn’t want to.

I ended up finishing the race faster than I expected too. My Nike+ tracker put me at a time of 1:11:28, but that didn’t include my photo stop. My official race time was 2:16:18 which is good too!

Of course, after the race, I had to show off my bling and get a picture with my favorite mouse, Princess Minnie.


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