Heart Health

If you didn’t know, February was American Hearth Month. I’m a big supporter of heart health. I have a heart condition that was discovered in high school, which is why I care so much about the cause. I’m also a proud member of the Alpha Phi Fraternity, and our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation, also supports women’s heart health.

heart numberEven though American Heart month has come to an end, there is never a bad time to start thinking about your heart. The American Heart Association released My Life Check, as a way for people to measure their “heart score.” I checked my heart score and it was a less than I expected but I was still in the green, and based on my actually numbers, I’m not far off from being where I need to be. If you didn’t take any steps towards a healthier heart last month, why not start now? First, I recommend getting your heart score by using My Life Check. Then check out some other health company and health providers for their advice.

For example, Mannatech, a global provider of health and wellness products, reached out to me as they continue to advocate American Heart Month with its own set of tips to support heart health even after February. The following is a list they shared of simple things everyone can do to make a difference in their bodies and protect their hearts:

  1. Manage your salt intake.
  2. Eat fewer processed foods.
  3. Consume more healthy fats – Omega-3 fatty acids, abundantly found in fatty fish, support healthy heart function.
  4. If you smoke, quit!
  5. Brush your teeth – Research suggests cardiovascular disease may be connected to poor oral health.
  6. Laugh out loud – A study showed that people with a sense of humor were more likely to have healthy hearts.
  7. Don’t be a couch potato – Research says that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. Try standing or doing exercises at your desk while you work.
  8. Reduce stress – There are many ways to do this, so pick something that works best for you and do it regularly.
  9. Get your blood flowing and heart pumping! Dance, run, climb, swim, sweep the floors – Do anything to raise your heart rate and burn calories.
  10. Maintain frequent health checks – You can manage your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels by comparing your numbers to the optimal levels. But don’t forget your frequent checkups as well.

“Maintaining heart health should be a priority for every person, no matter their age,” said Dr. Robert Sinnott, Mannatech CEO and Chief Science Officer. “While the health of our heart can be a daunting thing to try to improve, we can be proactive by simply reducing stress and eating right. Throw in some exercise and you have yourself a winning combination.”

Dr. Sinnott also recommends taking supplements like Mannatech’s Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 and CardioBALANCE® capsules that can support your heart by providing it with the necessary healthy fats and B complex vitamins that our bodies don’t produce on their own.

*     *     *     *     *

The above post was crafted from information in a Mannatech press release. Some information came from my own opinions. I have not received any compensation from Mannatech, the American Heart Association, or the Alpha Phi Foundation for this post. For more information about Mannatech or its health and wellness products, go to http://us.mannatech.com/products/health/. For more information posts supporting other companies, products, or services, please see my Disclosure Policy


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