Run for the Turtles


Yesterday I ran the Run for the Turtles 5K on Siesta Key Beach. This was my first race on the beach. I’ve only run a couple of times on the beach as it is, so I was excited and nervous to do this race.

It was fine running on the sand where it was wet and packed down. The harder part was when it rippled from the waves. I had to walk along there because I was afraid I was going to roll my ankle. The other part that was really difficult was the start/finish line. It was up a bit from the water where the sand was dry and really soft. As I tried to sprint at the finish, I could hardly push off. It was really frustrating to be so close to the finish line and not get there as fast as I’d like.

Despite those tricky parts of the race, I actually did really well. I ended up finishing in 32:41. Not too far off from my personal best, and not bad at all for running on terrain I’m not used to. I was pretty happy with this race. And on top of that, I’ve done four races this year so I’m right on track for my goal of 12 races in 2015.

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