Zumba Toning

Yesterday I completed my Zumba Toning certification and it was awesome! I feel so reenergized to jump start my Zumba career again.

This training was actually a bit smaller than the ones I’ve been to in the past. It was a smaller studio as well, so I’m sure that’s why. In a way, it was kind of nice. There was a bit more of an individualized structure to it and I didn’t feel like I was just another number there. This is the first training where I felt like I got to know the other instructors in the course.

The class itself was great. Who knew those 1lbs Zumba Toning Sticks would make your arms so sore when mixed with the rest of the choreography?!

This specialization of Zumba is really cool. It kicks up the normal Zumba class by adding a bit of resistance, which allows you to build a bit more strength and, even better, you burn about 100-300 calories more per class than with Zumba. And who doesn’t want to burn more calories during their workout?

If you’ve taken Zumba for awhile and are looking for a way to mix it up a bit, I highly recommend taking a Zumba Toning class. I could certainly feel a difference in Zumba Toning from Zumba, but it was still exciting and fun – like a party; the way any Zumba class should be. The sticks only change up the structure a bit. You’re using them to add a bit of resistance and work key muscle groups. You won’t use them all the time either. But remember, they’re not a toy. They’re still a workout tool and you need to use them properly. Even though they’re only 1lbs, they can still cause injuries when not used as directed by your instructor.

But enough with my PSA on Zumba Toning. Are you ready to try it? All I can say is I’m super excited to review all the materials I got at the training and to start working on the choreographies.

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