SuperHero 5K


This morning I ran the SuperHero 5K to help raise awareness for foster care and adoption in the Sarasota area. There are two words I can use to describe this race for me: hot and unprepared.

It had been two weeks since I ran…and those runs were at Orange Theory, so that’s not the same as going for a run. Right there I was at a disadvantage. Not that I don’t do three mile runs for training, but it’s still not the same when it comes to race.

The other issue was the heat. The race had a 9am start time, which is fine anywhere but Florida in May. It’s way too hot and humid at that time of the year in Florida to hold a race that starts at 9am. I really felt it then. I walked a good chunk of it mainly because of the heat.

Despite the lack of training and the heat, I finished the race faster than expect. I finished in 35:28 – I was going to be happy if I finished in under 40 minutes based on how I felt during the race and the amount of walking breaks I took.

Another great thing about this race was the theme. Almost everyone dressed up in some kind of Super Hero gear. I wore my Captain America tank with a sparkly red skirt I’ve used in the runDisney races. There so many kids and adults all dressed up to save the world. I was really impressed. It’s not just the Disney races people dress up for!

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