KT Tape Pro X Patches

I don’t know about you, but I love KT Tape. I use it all the time as it works wonders on my ankle, back, and knee pain. I was extremely excited to hear about the new product that KT Tape is offering called Pro X Patches.

unnamedThe patches designed to provide targeted muscular pain relief for hundreds of common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow, just like the strips of normal KT Tape do. However, these are fast and easy to apply with no tape-cutting required. They just go directly over the point of pain. I love that idea because I remember being at my hotel the night before a race and realizing I had no way to cut my strips of tape. And when I borrowed the hotel’s scissors, I destroyed the tape because they were not sharp enough. If I KT Tape Pro X Patches existed then, I would have been in more luck.

The patches can be used by themselves or they along side regular KT Tape for added support. Like KT TAPE, Pro X Patches provide a lightweight, external support that helps people remain active while recovering from injuries. 

KT TAPE® PRO X™ is made from a specially engineered, ultra-durable synthetic fabric to provide durability and increased strength.  PRO X™ provides up to seven days of support and is available in packages of 15 black patches (4.5″ x 3 x 2).  KT TAPE® PRO X™ will be available beginning in July. I’m certainly going to pick up a pack for myself!

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**Disclaimer: The above information was provided by KT Tape from a press release announcing their new product. I was not compensated for this post.**

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