5K SUP & Run

It’s been about a week since I completed the 5K SUP & Run race. Normally I write my recap posts a the day of the race or the day after, but this time I’m took a but longer because I need to digest what I had done.

When I signed up to do a race that involved a 5K run followed by a 5K paddleboard, I thought nothing of it. I had done plenty of 5K runs before and I had gone paddleboarding a number of times. I own a paddleboard, so how hard could it be to do a SUP race? As it got closer and closer to race day, I began thinking, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

11128173_801770423235545_404508532158098656_nThe day arrived and I loaded up my paddleboard (after chasing my escaped dog through the neighborhood) and went on my way to the race site. Although I got a much more detailed race packet than most, I still wasn’t sure how this whole race was going to take place. About 15 minutes before the race started, the race directors made an announcement on how this would take place.

There were options to just run the 5K or just paddle the 5K – I had decided to do both. The race started with the run, which was fine other than it was hot. Although I’ve live in Florida for over a year now, I still haven’t gotten used to running in the heat. Partly because I stick to the treadmill during the hot summer months as opposed to going outside. Never the less, the run portion was fine. The week before I did a the SuperHero 5K, which was the same location, same course. This time when I ran it, I finished in 34:18, which was a minute and a half faster than the week before. All good things.

Once completing the run, we switched to the SUP portion. I tossed my shoes off on the beach and stuck my phone and FitBit in the waterproof pouch on my paddleboard and I was off. The wind was killer. Right from the start I was going against it, and most of the time, I was battling the wind that was pushing my sideways. I had a hard time keeping the board straight, and had to drop down to my knees a few times just to keep it moving.

This was one of the hardest races, if not the hardest race, I have ever done. My only goal was to not be last, and I accomplished that. I think there were three or four people behind me. There was one point during the race I could see the beach with the finish line, but just wanted to quit. If I wasn’t sitting in the middle of water and could have walked off and left, I would have. The only thing that kept me going was the fact I needed to get to the shore somehow.

I ended up finishing the race in 1:46:52, which I was happy with. Hell, I was just happy to be done. We even got medals for the race, which I didn’t realize ahead of time. That was the most exciting part. I wanted a medal after completing that race. In all honesty, I would have rather run a half marathon. I doubt I’ll be doing another SUP and Run race anytime soon. Especially if I have to get my board back on my car afterwards. That part was awful.

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