Milestone: 800 Miles

IMG_5518I was so caught up in accomplishing the 5K SUP and Run, that I didn’t realize that 5K race put me at 800 miles until today when I logged my run from OrangeTheory. Well this was a long time coming…

November 2014 was when I hit 700 miles – during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I have done a number of races since then, so you would think I would have hit this before May, but clearly I haven’t been good about training runs, so 800 miles just came this month. I should really work on sticking with my training runs when I start training for the Detroit Half Marathon in October. I always say that though…

However, since revisiting and reflecting on my goals last month, I do want to accomplish all my races and keep up with my workouts, so that might be the little kick I need to stick with training and hit 900 miles faster than ever!

I’m planning on doing a 16-week half marathon training program for the Detroit Half, so I will begin my training at the end of June. So from now until June, there won’t be too much of an increase in mileage compared to normal, but after that, I’m going all out!

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