Detroit Half Training: Week 1

Oh my goodness, it’s that time again! It’s been a few month since I’ve had a training program, but it’s nice to be consistently running again. And hopefully, consistently posting again.

It’s been a hell of a week to kick things off. I only missed one workout, which I had every intention of doing…I just happened to fall back asleep. But I’ll get to that. To start with, I customized this training program myself to fit in with my schedule and everything I want to do. So it may seem like things change week to week, but overall i’m trying to do three runs, a yoga class, and a cross training class per week. The days might change, the classes might change, but overall that’s the general plan

So I started on Monday with a 5K run. It was hot and I was slow. I decided to go for a run at 6am because in Florida, it’s better to go before sunrise. Well at 6am it was still 82-degrees out, which made for a hot and sticky run. That also meant it took me 38:06 to run it, averaging a 12:14 pace. I was not happy with that pace at all. And although I could rationally tell myself it was because it was hot outside, I still wasn’t happy with it.

Tuesday made things better. I went to yoga so it was nice to meditate and get my zen on. It may have been too much zen because Wednesday morning I planned to go to OrangeTheory but ended up sleeping through it. Oops!

Although Wednesday became a rest day, Thursday was the first planned rest day. I was traveling for a wedding so I knew I wouldn’t have the time, nor did I want to run on a travel day. Instead I went for my second run on Friday.

I was so proud of myself because this was the first time that I actually ran while I was away on a trip. I didn’t bring my workout clothes for nothing. I did another 5K run…or so I think. My GPS was going crazy in the park I ran through, and it said I went way farther than I did. I guessed the distance I actually ran based on my FitBit steps and the timing.

Yesterday I flew back home, so it was another rest day. That brings me to today. Today was the best day of training. I did my third 5K run at a 10:24 average pace. It felt good! Then following my run, I went to the yoga class at the gym. It was good for me to stretch out after running and even the traveling. Plus, I feel like it kind of makes up for missing my cross training day at OrangeTheory.

I’ve very happy after this first week of training, and I’m looking forward to making the second week just as successful!

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.34.21 PM


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