Detroit Half Training: Week 2

Yesterday wrapped up my second week of training, and it was another good week! And I figured since I was starting week three with a rest day, I should take the time to post about the past week.

Starting with last Monday, I had planned on running before working, but after getting up every two hours with the dogs for various reasons, i was exhausted. Not to mention, it was kind of humid out. I ended up going to the gym in the evening and got my three mile run in despite being tired and wanting to lay on the couch. Even better, I averaged a 10:15 pace. Not bad for no sleep!

On Tuesday I went to yogabeat, which I haven’t been to for months. Since the class it as 7am, I can’t fit it into my morning routine with the dogs. I was working from home in the morning, so that gave me the opportunity to go back to the class. I was really glad I went. I forgot how much I liked it.

Wednesday was my rest day and I took full advantage of it knowing that I had OrangeTheory the next morning. And OrangeTheory was hardly cross training that day. We did a 15 minute distance run during one part of the cardio portion. Not exactly what I wanted to do when I’m training for a race, but oh well. We were still in the weight room for half the class as usual, so that counts as cross training. However, for this week, I think I’ll see if I can do the bike instead of the treadmill for the cardio portion at OrangeTheory. That would be better then getting another run in.

Friday was supposed to be another running day, however, I woke up at 6am exhausted and it was really humid so I went back to bed for an hour. I made up the run on Saturday by squeezing in a 25 minute run before going to the yoga class. It wasn’t the full three miles I had planned on, but at least it was something.

Yesterday I made my way back to the gym and did my four mile run. It was a rainy and gloomy day and I really didn’t want to go, but I forced myself out of the house and to the gym. I was so glad I did because I finished in 41:35, which came out to a 10:25 average pace.

So far, this training has been awesome! I’m hoping to carry that on to this week, but I have family coming to visit, so I’m worried that will impact my schedule. Wish me luck!


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