My Love For Shoes

I have loved shoes my entire life. All kinds of shoes – heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, you name it! So of course, I always get excited when it’s time to get fitted for new running shoes. I like to have two pairs to switch between when I’m running, and currently I’ve been wearing my Nike+ AirMax and my Brooks Ghost 6. However, I put my AirMax on last week and they were bothering my feet and my knee. I knew they were on their last leg anyways, which would leave me with the Brooks only, so I decided to go get new shoes.

S10273-1_5I had figured I would stick with my Brooks since I like them a lot, but they’ve changed the design ever so slightly and that didn’t fit comfortably on my foot. So I was fit with the Saucony Ride 8. It’s a beautiful shoe. I can switch seamlessly between the Saucony and the Brooks. And my feet were so happy in Tuesday’s run with the Saucony. I was happy!

I had never tried a Saucony shoe before, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Part of the reason I always get fitted when I need new shoes…otherwise I’d buy whatever looked pretty to me. Haha. I’m really excited to continue training in these shoes. I’m also thinking I might need to buy another pair before the end of the year so I don’t end up with the same issue as the Brooks. i don’t need them to slightly change the design again where I don’t like the fit anymore.

Although, by the next time I need new shoes, I might want something else! One can never tell. Until then, I’m happy with my shoes.

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