Detroit Half Training: Weeks 3 & 4

As expected, last week of training was not nearly as good as the first two weeks. I knew that having my family in town would interrupt this process.

I really should have gone for a run on Monday even though it was a rest day. It was intended to be a rest day because I would have done a workout of some type Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the week before. However, I didn’t run on Friday, so it wouldn’t have been as much of an issue to go on Monday. Plus, no one was here on Monday giving me ample time to run. But instead, I rested.

Tuesday morning I went for a slow run in the Florida heat. I was not happy with my pace. I knew it was hot and that I would have been running slower, but after averaging a 10:30 pace on the treadmill, I was not happy with 12:06 on this run. Despite the pace, I got through the 5K run and went through the rest of my day.

And that’s pretty much where things ended. I skipped my Wednesday run and my Thursday cross training. Friday I was planning on going for my run. I put my clothes out, set an alarm, and even woke up, but decided against it.After that I knew the weekend was shot. We went to Disney and Legoland, so I certainly walked a lot, but did not get any of my training in.

Week four didn’t start out as planned either. I was supposed to run on Monday, but after the weekend away, I completely forgot about it. I did make it to Yogabeat on Tuesday morning, so the training started to get back on track then. I kept Wednesday as a rest day because I had planned a lot of things to do knowing it was a rest day.

The week didn’t get better after that. I didn’t do my cross training or my 5K race. So all in all, these two weeks have been a bust. Time to get in gear for this upcoming week to turn things around. 


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