Detroit Half Training: Week 5

After two crappy weeks of training, I decided to update my training schedule. Here’s a new copy of what it looks like.


I started off this week with my newly schedule 3.5 mile run. It was a hot and humid Florida morning but I managed to get through it at a 12:03 average pace, which is typically what I’ve been running at on a muggy days.

Tuesday and Wednesday were not as good. Normally I go to the evening yoga class. However, I made plans with friends on Tuesday night. I tried to figure out every possible way I could make the morning yogabeat class, but with my puppies and having to get to work, there was no way it was possible. That meant yoga was not happening. I also had plans with friends on Wednesday, so I planned to do my cross training in the morning by going to OrangeTheory. However, 1am rolled around and I still hadn’t fallen asleep. At that point I decided to do a late cancel on my class and sleep in the extra hour and a half, but again, that meant I missed my workout.

Thursday I rested even though I didn’t need it, but I needed to pack for the wedding I was flying out to on Friday. That meant Friday’s run went out the window. Saturday was again, a rest day, because it was the day of the wedding. And today…I have no idea how I thought I could get a 5 mile run in. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. What started out as an awesome training has turned south. No time to look back though. Got to keep moving forward!

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