Wellcoin: New App Ensures Fitness Pays Off, Literally



Last week I learned about the launch of a new app called Wellcoin. This app rewards you with virtual coins for healthy activities and the coins can be redeemed for various goods and services. After the app launched, I quickly downloaded it to try it out. It reminded me of another app I had seen before called EveryMove, which used to reward your healthy activities. However, recent updates to EveryMove have changed that feature, so in turn, no longer motivates me. Just another reason why I was really excited to try out Wellcoin.

On the app, members report and verify the healthy activities they do and earn “wellcoins” for each one. The wellcoins have, as they put it, “real-world purchasing power.” Members can shop with their wellcoins for with goods and services from various brands including: Skechers, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Pure Barre, Whole Foods Market.

Unlike other fitness apps, wellcoin has hundreds of ways to rewards, including sleeping at least seven hours per night, choosing a healthy beverage, hiking, seeing a health professional and helping one’s child (or pet) be healthy.

“Wellcoin was founded on the premise that rewarding people for easy-to-adopt, positive behaviors can help create lasting lifestyle changes,” said Glenn Laffel, MD, PhD, a Wellcoin Founder and a former attending physician in the cardiac transplantation program at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. “Our members are inspired by the fantastic rewards in our Marketplace, and also by our community and the support it provides.”

unnamedI’ve been using Wellcoin for about a week now and have noticed some things I really like, and other things I’m not too thrilled with. First off, I love the reward system! Anytime I can get rewarded for doing something, I’m happy. It’s also pretty easy to earn rewards…in fact, it might be too easy. This morning I have already gotten 109 wellcoins from going to OrangeTheory, taking the dogs on a walk, and using the stairs at work. However, you are limited on how many wellcoins you can get per activity or category of activity. I earned 61 wellcoins for going to OrangeTheory this morning, but then, when I got to work and put in that I took the stairs, I only got one wellcoin because I had reached my limit for that category of activity.

That was the first time I had this happen, which I think is good. When I first started using that app and saw all the different activities that earned wellcoins, I was surprised. It seemed like it was never ending, but knowing there is a limit is nice…especially because this app relies a lot on the honor system.

The first activity I logged was a healthy lunch. There was really no way to prove I ate a healthy lunch. I just selected that category and put in the information. I was rewarded a bonus point by adding a location, but other than that. I could have made it up. However, the next activity I went to log was my 10,000 steps. You have the option to add a picture so I attached a screenshot of the FitBit app showing I had over 10,000 steps. Because I added the photo, the community could then say whether or not I did that activity. And because they approved the photo, I ended up with bonus wellcoins.

Once I realized that I started to take pictures whenever possible for logging my activities. Not only do I get more wellcoins, I have proof I did that activity. Although it is nice to know you don’t always have to have a photo. I’m not the best at remembering to take a photo. I always got screwed over with that with the app Pact because you needed to take pictures of the fruits and veggies you eat to get credit for it. Knowing I can log my healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner without photo proof is extremely helpful in that situation.

I had not earned enough wellcoins to receive a reward yet, but I have browsed the options. Right now, there’s not a lot I would want. I know that app is just starting out, so I’m expecting that as the app grows, the rewards will too. Most of the vendors I would want rewards from are in the “contest” section of the app. Meaning I can enter to win the prize, but it doesn’t mean I’ll get it. I’m not much of a gambler, so knowing my precious wellcoins could be wasted with no outcome is not appealing to me. I would rather store them up and wait for a big prize that I like a lot and can just pay for with my wellcoins. Right now I have my eyes on the Bulu Box Subscription discount. I’ve been interested in trying this box, so if I can get a discount with my wellcoins, I may just have to jump on it.

I will be sure to update you as I continue to explore Wellcoins and learn more of the ins and outs of it. But for now, I recommend you check it out and start earning those rewards!

* * * * *

**Disclaimer: The above information was provided by Wellcoins from a press release announcing the app. I was not compensated for this post or for reviewing the app.**

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