Detroit Half Marathon Training: Week 6

As I mentioned with Week 5‘s training, things were not going so well. That included not looking at my training schedule, so I did not realize I was supposed to run on Monday for the start of my sixth week of training. Oops! Not the way to start out when you’re trying to turn things around.

I did however make it to yoga on Tuesday night. I really didn’t want to go and was struggling to motivate myself but I finally forced myself to go to the gym. It ended up being a pretty hard class. I’m used to the Tuesday night class being more of a gentle yoga class, but this one turned out to be more of a flow class and I was not prepared for that. It was hard. I did feel really stretched out after it, but I was not as relaxed as I had hoped to be.

Wednesday was my first rest day, but I planned on running to make up for Monday. I woke up at 6am to go for a run, but instead, I took the dogs out and went back to bed. No run for me and a rest day Wednesday stayed.

Thursday was a cross training day, so I went to OrangeTheory. It was a hard, but good workout. And unlike Wednesday morning, I didn’t feel the need to go back to bed. The other thing that was good about going to OrangeTheory was I got to talk with one of the coaches who often runs marathons. I told him how I had been lacking the motivation to run and keep with my training program. Apparently, he’s having the same issues. However, he did tell me that the last marathon (or half…I can’t remember now) that he was training for, he pretty much did an OrangeTheory workout 3-4 times per week with one long run and he was fine. I don’t think I’ll be hitting OTF 3-4 times per week, but it did make me reconsider dropping my membership down like I had originally planned to do when I started my half. I’m thinking now I might do OrangeTheory twice per week, runs twice per week, and yoga once per week. After all, when I ran the Sarasota Music Half, I had only done OrangeTheory…there was basically no training for that half on my part. Guess I need to rework my training schedule again with this mindset.

Friday was a rest day even though it wasn’t really needed. I felt some soreness in my quads from OrangeTheory, but that’s not really enough to warrant a rest day. Saturday, which should have been a six mile run ended up being a day of cardio tennis. I went to a cardio tennis class with some girlfriends, and I figured that would be enough of a workout for one day. Too bad we got rained out after 10 minutes. And I didn’t do any other workout, so that was pretty much a wash too.

Yesterday I had planned to do a six mile run, but I should have known I wouldn’t have done that because I had to pick up my mom at the airport on Saturday night really late. That meant I was not going to get up earlier enough to beat the heat and run. I was right and did nothing.

This week is Zumba convention so running will be limited but there will be no lack of fitness. Wish me luck!

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