Let It Move You: Zumba Convention 2015

Zumba is a completely awesome workout to experience. Zumba Convention is a completely awesome industry event to experience, and I’m already excited for Zumba Convention 2016. ZINCon, to shorten it, is a four day party of classes, workshops and training to build on each Zumba instructors teaching methods. This was the first year I attended ZINCon and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.

I arrived on Wednesday evening, picked up my registration, and went to the Zumba Wear store. That in and of itself was an experience. People were grabbing shoes, shirts, and leggings like there was no tomorrow. I certainly spent more money than planned and bought two pairs of shoes, which I didn’t need at all, but it wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t buy a bunch of things I don’t need.

IMG_6349Convention officially started on Thursday with the Kick-Off Session. The session had a lot of inspirational stories, excitement, and of course, dancing! It got me pumped up to go to my first session, which was the African Workout. The workout we had in that class was insane and left me sore for the rest of the day (or the rest of convention). I learned some new moves, but I also learned I’m too much of a white girl to dance African. My next session was a Zumba Core workout, and it kicked my butt. My abs could certainly feel it by the end of the session. I was glad I took it though because it was a nice refresher from my Basic 1 course. It reminded me that the Zumba workout should always have those core elements during the routines. Sometimes I get so caught up in the dancing I forget to focus in on those key fitness elements.

My final class on Thursday was the master class with Erick Santana. I had first met him when I did my Zumba Step training because he was there with my Step ZES (Zumba Education Specialist). I figured why not take a class with him. It was a lot of fun and we did some really cool routines but I was so ready for the day to be over at the end of the class. Luckily the class was in my hotel instead of the convention center so once we were done I went straight up to my room and ordered room service. Perfect way to end the day.

I woke up extremely sore on the second day of convention. Those classes killed me. Luckily, I only had one dancing session on Friday, which meant I got to rest a bit. The first session I went to was The Perfect Playlist and it was awesome. We talked about how you can create awesome playlists and that you can change your choreography instead of your music to make sure everything is the way you want it. We even put that theory to the test and were divided into groups, given a song and had to create a high intensity routine or a low intensity routine to it. I certainly gave me a different perspective on choreography.

After that I had two workshops were I got to sit in chairs! They were about marketing and building your brand. Not only was I happy to have a break, I was happy to learn about what I can do to market myself and my Zumba skills. It was exactly what I needed to learn to kick start my Zumba career here in Florida.

IMG_6375Friday night was the Fitness Concert, which was so cool! There were so many music stars there and, although it was extremely crowded, it was a lot of fun to dance along with Beto and the ZESes. It was certainly a different experience than any other concert you can imagine.

Saturday was my Zumba Kids Instructor Training and it was the most fun class ever. I want to Zumba Kids so bad now. I’m already reviewing the songs and DVDs and figuring out locations I may be able to teach at. As much as I love the other specialty trainings I’ve done Zumba Kids has been my favorite. And funny enough, while I was there, I ran into one of my friend’s mom! She was taking the class too.

That night was the Zumba Island themed party. I had planned on making a mermaid costume before I went, but the week of convention rolled around and that did not happen. So instead I wore a jellyfish dress and called it a day. It fit the theme, so it worked. The party was a lot of fun too. It also had a concert-type element to it, along with a costume contest and, of course, drinks! I didn’t stay too late though because I had my final session at 8:30am the next day and I still needed to pack up my stuff.

Yesterday, the final day of ZIN Con, I had my Warm-Up and Cooldown Boost. I really wanted to learn more about the cooldown because I struggle to create those, but the boost focused more on the warm-up. Never the less, I learned a lot…even though I was exhausted by this point of convention. All that was left after my final class was the Closing Session. Similar to the Kick-Off Session we circled back on a lot of inspiring moments and had a lot of fun. Like I said when I started this post, I can’t wait for ZIN Con 2016!

* * * * *

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