Zumba Kids + Kids Jr. Training

As I mentioned in my last post, I just attended Zumba Convention and while I was there I took the Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr. training. I also mentioned in my last post that I LOVED this training, so much like Zumba Step training and Zumba Toning training, I figured I would recap and go a bit more in depth on why I enjoyed it.


Because this training took place at convention it was much larger than any other training I had been to, however, I still felt like I was able to get a lot out of it and I wasn’t just another number in the class. Like all Zumba trainings, we started with the master class. In this master class we had to pretend that we were seven and eight year olds, which was a lot of fun. The class ended up being different than I expected…although, I’m not really sure what I expected. We did a warm up, learned a couple of dances, played some games, and danced some more before cooling down. It was probably the most fun I had in a Zumba class.

After we completed the master class and started to talk about the program itself, I kept sitting there writing down everything I needed to do to make this program happen for me. I was thinking of schools I could pitch myself to, along with different charity organizations. And it’s a good thing I did that because I already have a lead!

Before we broke for lunch, we had some Zumba Kids student come in and dance for us. They were awesome and so cute. Just seeing how much fun they were having made me want to share this with the world!

After lunch we did another master class but this time it was for the Zumba Kids Jr. program, which meant we got to pretend we were five and six year olds. It was also nice to do both classes because it made the difference between the age groups a little more clear than when we were just talking about it.

And before we ended the training, we got to learn a few more dances and how easier it is to convert some of our typical Zumba routines into a Zumba Kids routine. All and all, it was a wonderful training, and I can’t wait to start teaching!

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