Detroit Half Training: Weeks 7 & 8

I was determined to start week seven off better than the previous weeks had been, so I signed up for OrangeTheory on Monday morning. I was taking the advice of one of the OTF instructors that going there more often would help my half training even if I’m not getting all my runs in. The downside of that class was we had just switched to the new heart rate monitors and the system was having issues so the heart rate information kept disappearing from the board. I get annoyed when I can see my info because that’s the main reason I got to OrangeTheory. It I wanted to just run and lift weights without knowing my zones, I would go to LA Fitness. Never the less, I got my workout in which was the important part.

Tuesday I had planned on going to yoga, but didn’t. Normally I would be upset with myself about it, but since I left for Zumba Convention on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week doing Zumba, missing that workout was no big deal.

This past week, week eight, was relatively good. I took Monday and Tuesday as rest day since I was still recovering from Zumba Convention. Wednesday I hit Orange Theory again. It was a run-to-row day, so I didn’t spend as much time on the treadmill as I would have liked to since I haven’t been running, but it was still good overall.

Thursday and Friday both ended up being rest days even though Thursday shouldn’t have been. I was tired and couldn’t will myself to get up and go. But on Saturday I made it to OrangeTheory again. It was an intense workout and I’m certainly feeling it today. I’m glad I went though. At least it was some kind of workout.


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