Review: Blogilates Water Bottles

Update – 11/3/2015: Although I have had issues with this water bottle, the customer service team did work with me for a solution. I’m not sure the quality is up to the price, but I do appreciate that they took the time to hear my concerns and correct it.

Update – 10/27/2015: My Detox Water Bottle does not seem to be up to the quality I originally thought it was at the time of this review. Since then I have had an issue with the lid leaking and the bottom of my bottle cracking, due to a fall, causing a leak. A co-worker of mine also had this problem with the cracked plastic, so I find this to be a quality control issue. For $18 I expected a higher quality product. I’m sad to say I no longer feel passionate about this water bottle. I hope anyone that has bought this product since does not have the experience I have had.

* * * * *

So a friend of mine told me about the site Blogilates because she had been trying the workouts from there. She also showed me the shop – specifically the Detox Water Bottles. I loved the concept of these, so I decided to give one a try and bought one.

detox bottleFirst off, I love the sayings on them. I picked the Dream. Believe. Achieve. one, but I had a hard time deciding…which is why I also bought a Mason Jar tumbler-type cups, but we’ll get to that. The other thing I love about this water bottle is the timer so I can make sure I’m drinking enough water throughout the day. The only problem I had with the timer was trying to figure out how to use it. I couldn’t decide if I was supposed to drink to the line by the time listed or if I was supposed to drink from the line by the time listed. After a couple days of playing with that, I figured I would use the timer more to keep track of how much water I was drinking instead of drinking the amount every hour. By that I mean, if it was 1pm and I was only at the 10am mark, I needed to drink more water. But if it was 11am and I had already finished the first round of water than I was doing good.

What I also learned based on the timer was that I drink more water than I thought in a workday. I found myself ahead of the timer most days. The only time I would fall behind was when I had lot of meetings because I rarely bring my water bottles to meetings. Once I changed my mindset on the timer, I embraced it.

And finally, the coolest part of the Detox Water Bottle is the fruit infuser. On the Blogilates website there recipes for different types of fruit infused water. I choose to throw random fruit in each morning. So far my favorite combination has been strawberry-kiwi. It’s also important to let the fruit sit in the water for at least an hour before drinking. Typically in my morning I feed my dogs, then cut up my fruit and stick it in the water bottle. That way when I grab it as I’m heading out the door for work it already been sitting for at least an hour. And usually I don’t start drinking it until I get to my desk so it’s been about two hours at that point, so it tastes delicious!

mason jarNow, because I try not to waste my food – especially my expensive organic fruit, I typical take the fruit out of the Detox Bottle and stick it back in the fridge to use in my smoothie the next day. Every morning I mix my Thrive powder into a fruit smoothie, so this way I’m not wasting the fruit. For example, I had strawberries in my detox bottle one day. The next day I was making a blueberry and banana smoothie, so I decided to toss the strawberries in as well to add some more flavor. So far this has been a great system for me and has allowed me to also use my Train Like a Beast. Look Like a Beauty Mason Jar from Blogilates.

As I mentioned above, I had a hard time deciding which saying to go with. I also like the “Train Like a Beast. Look Like a Beauty.” one because it reminded me of the Princess Half Marathon. I decided to buy it in the Mason Jar style because I didn’t need two Detox Water Bottles and the Mason Jars were a bit cheaper. The only problem I’ve had with the Mason Jar is that it’s hard to clean. The straw is soft plastic, and not hard like my Lilly Pulitzer tumblers, so sometimes my smoothie sticks in there. Other than that, I love it and I’m so glad I bought both!

* * * * *

**Disclaimer: I purchased and reviewed these products on my own and was not given any compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. For more information, please read my disclosure policy.**

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  1. Danielle says:

    The “Sore Today Strong Tomorrow” water bottle is cute but a huge inconvenience in the gym. The product detail says it has a wide mouth opening; but, this is misleading to the consumer. Also, the picture leads one to think there’s a pop up top and this is not the case. It should really say unscrew the entire top to drink your water.

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