Detroit Half Training: Week 15

Not much better than before, but at least I made it to the gym this weekend. On Saturday I was looking for inspiration for some new Zumba routines, so I decided to go to a Zumba class. However, due to issues with the sounds system, the class was not the best and I ended up leaving in the middle to go home and work on my own routines. I knew I’d get a better workout in there.

Then yesterday I went to OrangeTheory, which was certainly a test of strength on my arms. We had a run-to-row day, which normally I would push hard through the running part, but since I haven’t been running consistently, I felt like keeping a more steady pace.

I’m planning to hit OrangeTheory one more time this week before the race on Sunday. Hopefully I survive this thing.

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  1. Natasha Latona says:

    I love OT! I just started and normally just run but the workouts are really challenging me!! Do you find your legs are tired the day after? I run outside 4 days, and go to OT two times a week. I am trying to get faster and stronger…

    1. mlavens says:

      I find my whole body is tired the day after! It’s always a good sore. 🙂

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