Reaching My Goals

So just the other day I was thinking about how this year has flown by. Then I realized it was November and I still needed to reach my goal of running 12 races this year. I decided to check in on how I was doing. For some reason i had it in my head that I only needed to do three races to meet my goal. I wasn’t worried about that because I was already signed up for two with plans of a third.

Well I was wrong. I need five more races to meet my goal. That was cause for a bit of panic. I had to figure out how to get these races in, and that means I’m running a 5K on Saturday. I’m doing the Run for Tidewell Hospice 5K, which I’ve known about for a few week due to OrangeTheory being one of the sponsors but I didn’t think about it until I had to.

I also managed to find other races that will work into my schedule. Two of them I’m signed up for, but the other two I still need to. I know I should just go ahead and register so I make my goal. I’m just worried something will come up with work and I’ll be traveling. The good news is, they’re all local races so I can sign up closer to race day because they’re not always full. If all goes as planned, these are the races I’ll be running to finish off my goal:

  1. Sarasota Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Day (already signed up)
  2. Jingle Bell 5K – December 5, 2015
  3. Scrooge 10K – December 6, 2015
  4. Frosty 5K – December 19, 2015 (already signed up)

I may substitute one of the early December races so they’re not back to back, but this is where I’m at right now. Wish me luck!

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