ZINGO at Zumba By Muffy

This Monday at Zumba we started our winter Zumba Bingo (#ZINGO) contest. This contest runs until February 1, 2016 so there is plenty of time to get in on the action. Below is the ZINGO card, which can also be downloaded here.


You are able to cross off more than one box per Zumba class, so if you want to wear crazy socks and lead the cool down on the same day you will get credit for both.

For ever ZINGO you complete, you will get entered to win a prize. Various prizes include Zumba accessories and free classes. There will be five winners chosen at random. The more ZINGOs you get, the better your chances. However, no single person will win more than two prizes.

* * * * *

Terms and Conditions: This promotion is only valid at Zumba By Muffy classes at Arlington Park in Sarasota. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States. All participants must fill out a Zumba By Muffy waiver before participating in a Zumba By Muffy class. For more information, please contact Zumba By Muffy at muffy.zumba@gmail.com 

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