Scrooge 10K Recap

So this morning was the Scrooge 10K. Let me begin by saying I was not in the best head space to run a 10K this morning, so some of the negativity in the post may be from that. However, I was not impressed with this race overall.

As I said, I wasn’t in the best head space to run at 10K, but I got up and did it anyways. It location was pretty easy to find, so that was good. The course, however, could have been better. We ran through a neighborhood, which is fine, but this particular race did not have the streets blocked off signaling runners were there. Usually there are cones set up so cars know there are runners on the road. I got to the first mile marker before I saw a sign warning drivers runners were on the road. And it was past the second mile marker that I saw another sign warning people.

Aside from cars sharing the road, there were no signs telling you where to run. There were a few volunteers in key locations, but overall it wouldn’t have been hard to make a wrong turn.

Both water stations were after the fourth mile…well one was at the fourth mile marker and the second was between miles four and five. I wouldn’t have been so annoyed if I hadn’t been told before the race they were after mile two and mile four.

The last mile of the race was really nice though. We ran around a lake, so that was pretty. I was also very excited with the post race snacks. I always want a bagel after I run and they had those, along with a ton of other treats.

I ended up finishing the race with a 1:16:13 time. I was hoping to finish it in 1:15:00-ish, but I’ll take it…especially because I was not in the right mental space that morning.

Although the race got better toward the end, I don’t see myself running this one again.

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