Gasparilla, Here I Come!

2016 Round Parrott LongI’ve signed up for my first race of 2016 – the Gasparilla 15K. Along with signing up, I have also decided to take part in the Challenge for the Gasparilla Distance Classic, which means over the next 30 days, I need to run 30 miles. And to be honest, I need to do that anyways to get ready for the race. The challenge started yesterday, which is when I signed up for the race, and runs through February 18 with the race taking place on February 20.

I’m excited to do this race because it will be my first 15K! With time running out, I didn’t want to do the half marathon, and even though my goal is to get my 5K time down this year, I wanted to do something more than that, so I landed on the 15K. Plus, I get a pretty sweet medal for it and we all know it’s about the bling.

Over the next couple of weeks I will blog about my progress and how the 30 mile challenge is going. As of right now I haven’t logged any miles, but that will change soon enough. Now on to the important part, finding some pirate gear to wear. Arrrgh!

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