Zumba Master Class

A few days ago I attended a Zumba master class with Steve Boedt and Kass Martin, two really awesome ZESs. Overall, I had a really awesome time and enjoyed the class with them, however, there were a few issues I had with this class.


Online and on the tickets, the class said it was from 5-7pm. Great! That’s what I planned for. I got there around 4:30pm and stood outside in the cold until they started checking us in at 5pm. Then I stood around in the gym from 5-6pm. Just after 6pm, one of the hosts came on stage and said we were going to dance for two hours. That would put us at an end time of 8pm. I had a problem with that. I drove an hour to get there, we started an hour late, and that made me crabby.

As much as I was enjoying the dancing, I ended up leaving around 7:30pm because I needed to get home and hadn’t planned on being there so late. I found that really disappointing. I had paid to be there and was really looking forward to the experience and it was cut short by people that can’t figure out how to tell time.

I hope Steve and Kass come back to the area or I’ll get to see them at Convention this year, because I really enjoyed their class and I’d love to dance with them again.

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