Plan With Me: February

For February I want to focus on the monthly calendar and planning my blog posts. In the January Plan With Me, I mentioned I wasn’t sure how I wanted to plan my blog posts. Well, while I went through the month I came up with a way that I’m happy with. Let me walk you through it…

  1. IMG_7411First, I take a sticky note and write down the dates I’d like to have a blog post published. I keep this sticky note on the calendar spread so I can reference it as I go through the month. I use the sticky note because I can easily move it around the spread to see what I need to see each week. It also feels less like a commitment than writing it directly into the planner.
  2. Once I have a topic for a specific day, I put a sticker down with the title or theme of the post. I do this so I can see what posts I’ve come up with and to make sure I’m staying on track with one personal post and one informative/news post per week like I listed in my 2016 goals.
  3. After I’ve written the article for that day, I check off the date listed on the sticky note. That way, when I write a post before it’s scheduled to go live, I know it’s done already.

IMG_7412To help keep me on track, I also use the weekly spread. When I know I want to write a post before it’s scheduled to go live, I will make a note of it on that day I want to write it. That way when I look at my list of To-Dos, I can see that and make time for it in the evening when I’m home from work.

So far this system has worked well for me. There was only one date on my January sticky note that I didn’t have a post for. All the others I hit. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for me since I wasn’t doing a great job with blogging last year. Hopefully I can keep this up longer than the month of January.

The other thing I wanted to use my planner for was planning my meals. So far I haven’t figured out how to do that, but maybe this month I can come up with something. Even though I haven’t worked it into my planner, I’ve been much better about bringing my lunch to work and not eating out. I guess if I’m doing it, I don’t really need to plan for it, but it would be nice to have a way to keep track.



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