Social Media Training Plans

I recently heard about Morey’s Piers 12-week social media training program for the Wild Half Marathon. That got me thinking, how cool is it that training programs are making their way to social media? It also made me what to design a training program to share on my social channels, so I looked into it a bit more.

For the Wild Half Marathon and 8K, the customizable training agendas can be tailored to reach different goals with running schedules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Available via the Wild Half Marathon and 8K Facebook page, racers are encouraged to “like” the page to receive weekly training posts and updates as well as share personal advice, experiences and milestones with like-minded runners. Posts will include week-long running schedules with specific miles and goals, tips, tricks, motivational quotes, and more.

Now, this would be easier for me to accomplish if I had a race that I was putting on, but not impossible for me to do. Instead, I figured I can still post about my own training schedule in the same manor to share with those doing a race at the same time or other times. I still have some big picture ideas to work though, but I think this could be a really fun program for 2016. And, it would keep me on track with my scheduling goal!

Never the less, if you are running the Wild Half Marathon or 8K you should certainly check out the social media training program on Facebook. And if you haven’t registered, but you want to, use the promo code TRAIN to receive 20% off. The code is valid through February 29, so act fast!


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