Afternoon Workouts

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you know I’ve talked about planning my workouts and majority of the time, if I don’t do it in the morning, I don’t do it at all. Well, last week I did something different. I went to OrangeTheory on my lunch break, and it was awesome.

The best part about working out during the day was when I came back to the office I felt totally reenergized and ready to take on the afternoon. Typically after I eat lunch, I feel tired, sluggish, and ready for a nap. Instead, I worked out and felt great, then came back to lunch where I ate at my desk and continued working for the day.

Now, my schedule doesn’t allow for me to workout every day at lunch because it adds a little extra time with driving. Plus, OrangeTheory doesn’t have a noon class every day so that cuts in to that plan. I also work in PR so things are ever changing and meetings pop up, so I know working out during the week won’t happen all the time. My goal is to try and get there once per week.

And when I can’t get to the gym, there are other things I can do to get up and move during the work day. Here are some ideas that you can try to:

  • Take a lap or two around the building when you need a break
  • Walk to a bathroom or kitchenette that’s further away
  • Do mini stretches at your desk
  • Schedule meetings in a conference room away from your desk
  • Take the stairs
  • Wear a pedometer and set daily step goals

No matter when you workout, it’s always good to get up and move during the day. Try it and let me know if your productivity increases.



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