Gasparilla Training Recap

Well, two weeks ago when I wrote the first training post I figured I’d have better updates this time around. I’d be wrong. In the month that I’ve had to train since signing up, I’ve only logged 9.53 miles. In addition, I’ve gone to Orange Theory a few times, so those miles on the treadmill are not factored in, but regardless, I’m so not prepared for tomorrow’s race. Which brings me to my next thought…I might not run tomorrow. And it actually has less to do with the fact that I didn’t train than you’d expect.

Last night I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game, and it was so much fun and my friends and I had an awesome time. However, Tampa is about an hour from my house, so I got home late, didn’t sleep well and woke up groggy. Today I’m spending the evening with a friend in St. Pete, which again, is 45 minutes or so from my house. Tonight won’t be as late as last night, but it’s still a longer day. My concern is having to drive to Tampa again on Saturday morning for a 6:45am start. I considered staying in a hotel in Tampa tonight so I didn’t have to drive home, but I couldn’t find anyone to watch my dogs for the night.

I know the race is less than 24 hours away now, and I haven’t made a decision on race day yet. I don’t want to skip it. I’ve been looking forward to it, and I skipped the last race I signed up for (due to work), so I don’t want to make a habit of it. Guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning.


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