Moving Forward

So I didn’t end up running the Gasparilla 15K yesterday. I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work with all the travel factors playing against me. Am I disappointed; yes. Am I mad at myself; no. I’ve taken the past 24 hours to reflect on my decision and it was what I needed to do this time around. Will I let this impact future races; no.

In fact, I’ve already registered for two other races. Both are ones I did last year, so I’m looking forward to doing them again. The first one is on March 6 and is the Doggie Bones 5K. It’s a race for Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, which is where I adopted my dogs from. Last year it was a 4-mile run, and I took third in my age group. This year they have both 5K and 10K options. Since I’m trying to get my 5K time down, I figured I’d do that race.

The second one I signed up for was the Run for the Turtles on April 2. This one takes place on Siesta Key Beach. I know I won’t get my 5K time down with this race since I’m slower on sand, but it will still be a fun one. I enjoyed it last year.

I was starting to go a little crazy and found more races that I wanted to do, but decided I should hold off until I knew my schedule a bit more. I don’t want to be signing up for races left and right then having to back out of them again. Here’s to moving forward!


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